Thursday, 4 July 2013

The characteristics of globalization

Globalized world marked by several characteristics, there are :
  1. Changes in the concept of space and time. The development of items such as iPad, mobile phones, satellite television, and the internet shows that global communication happens so quickly, while moving through a kind of mass tourism allows us to feel a lot of things and different cultures.
  2. Market and economic production in different countries become interdependent as a result of international trade and growth, an increase in the influence of multinational companies, and organizations such as the dominance of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
  3. An increase cultural interaction through the development of the mass media (especially television, movies, music, and transmission of international news and sports) this time, we can consume and experience new ideas and thoughts on matters that cross diverse in culture, for example in the field of fashion , literature, style and food.
  4. An increase in problems with, for example, in the environmental field, multinational crisis, regional inflation, etc.

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