Saturday, 6 July 2013

How to Prevent Heart Attacks and Other Diseases with Enough Water Consumption

Water is a very necessary component of the body. The human body is 70% composed and water. The water in the human body has a very important role. Approximately 80% of the existing body fluids such as blood that serves as a transportation system.
The water turns over and just relieve thirst, drinks 8 -10 glasses of water a day regularly can make the various systems contained in our body to work optimally. Body system are:
1. Skin. Drink enough water to keep the skin moist, due to the influence of heat and air outside the body. Water is very important for maintaining skin elasticity and softness, and prevent dryness.
2. Protect and lubricate the movement of joints and muscles. Most of the fluid that protects and lubricates sendj and muscle consists of water. Consuming water before, during or after physical activity, means minimizing the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue.
3. Maintain a stable body temperature. Dry is a natural mechanism to control body temperature. Our body can be sweating, then it needs plenty of water.
4. Cleanse toxins. Sufficient water intake can help the detoxification process that occurs in the kidneys and liver.
5. Stabilizing disposal. Adequate water consumption will help the digestive system in the colon This process will prevent interference disposal (constipation), because the bowel movements become more fluent so that the stool is more easily removed
6. Meet the needs of body fluids in a day on average, adults experiencing loss of fluid about 10 cups. This discharge occurs through the sweat, breath, urine, and feces. Lack of body fluids, even if only a little will immediately cause major disturbances, such as difficulty concentrating, headaches, fatigue, and restlessness.
7. Minimizing the risk of heart attack. Researchers and Loma Linda University, in California, doing research tenhadap 20,000 respondents (women and men) and found that the respondents were at least drink more water and 5 cups a day had a risk of death from heart attack or interference smaller, than respondents who drink less and 2 glasses per day.
8. Minimize the risk of infection in the body organs. Adequate water consumption can prevent the formation of kidney stones and reduce the risk of infection of the kidney, bladder and urinary tract. Pcrnah research results reported by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) in late 2004, stated that women who drank 5 cups of water every day is likely to face the risk of colon cancer is 45% lower than women who drank less and 2 cups per day.
9. Restore the condition of the body. Adequate water intake when sick, nutritious reduce fever, and replace lost fluids. These conditions favor the recovery process.

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