Saturday, 13 July 2013

Free Dollars from VirtaPay

This time I want to review about VirtaPay. Although some said that this is a scam but it doesn't matter if we try, which is important is nothing to loosee. Moreover, registration is free. VirtaPay is the site of E-currency is still under Pre-Launching/not yet inaugurated, and reportedly will be inaugurated in the near future. E-currency is a unit of intermediate / electronic money transactions tool for us to send and receive money (currency exchange) online with outside state or local. Like currency in everyday life, the money in the e-currency can be used for various purposes, especially concerning payment transactions in cyberspace. Most people use e-currency to facilitate payment when doing activities that require currency exchange, for example, when shopping at online stores, transfer money to the account of another party, buy something on a website, savings on business transactions online, etc.

E-currency has long been recognized and accepted as a means of legal tender in many sites. This is because of its simplicity that makes users more interested in using e-currency compared to other ways to transact online. We have had a lot of e-currency on the internet, some e-currency that is commonly used by the people of Indonesia is Paypal, AlertPay, Webmoney, etc..

Why VirtaPay required:
1. Just by signing up only we will immediately get a balance of $ 100 and free. Very quite right
2. will add up to $ 40 per day on our account for our participation.
3. We will get $ 25 individuals who we invite to join VirtaPay through your referral link
4. We will be the early adopters before VirtaPay opens to the public.
5. We will help shape the development of the best payment system ever designed for the Internet.
6. We can reach hundreds or thousands of dollars in our account when we started, without loose any money/capital. 

Here's an example of my VirtaPay account instantly get $ 100:  

Until now VirtaPay yet at the launch, so the money we have in VirtaPay account can not be taken / sent to a local account. But if his VirtaPay is officially later, the money we have on VirtaPay account may be used to purchase / transaction / and can be taken or sent to a local account. That's a little review on VirtaPay, the truth of it can not be ascertained as it seemed hard to believe, but see website / information given by VirtaPay, it seems not a fraud. Hopefully not. Because registration is free, easy, only takes a username and email it without a lot of data and without any cost, it does not matter to signed up, which is important we are not harmed anything with the hope that this is not a scam and actually be inaugurated until can be availed.


Registration steps:
2. "Click Here to join Now" to the right of the blue post:
3. Fill a username, email and Password options do not register or login from facebook,because login / register by facebook isdangerous or very easy to use in the collapse, better use private email only.
4. Check the box that contains the word at the edges "I agree to the term" then click continue
5. Verification Perform your email by clicking on the "Subscription"
6. New tab will appear, where you input the code which is provided laluk Captha click "Complete Subscription Request .." after successfully "close windows"
7. Click "here to login" below and enter your username and password

Do not apply through any other website or typing the url directly from the browser, as many are making it trickery VirtaPay URL, then click on the one of the only URL of this blog for a list of "VirtaPay", although the name and website URL similar but much impersonation of evil Hacker . Except for the login-free. Get the registration and instantly get 100 dollars in your account ... The next 25 dollar per referral and 40 dollars to participate, don'y forget to participate every day...

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