Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Clean water is very important for our live. In big cities, it's hard to get clean water. Clean water is important for human metabolism. If readily available, and the high cost has been spent to get it. To economize on water, attitudes and behavior that should we do :
1. Use enough water for brushing teeth activities, bathing, and washing clothes or tools.
2. Lakukantah reuse (reuse), for example for flushing toilets, washing cars, or watering the yard does not need to use the right and tap water but can use a used clothing or used for bath soak.
3. Repair/Amend immediately channel or reservoir water leaking.
4. Watering plants in the garden or yard is only carried out in the early morning or late afternoon before sunset. Avoid watering plants or our garden on a sweltering afternoon, because the water will fast evaporate into the air.
5. Use enough clean water. If completed, it must immediately closed.

Lest's save our clean water...

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