Thursday, 1 August 2013

High Cholesterol Foods

The list below are some foods in high cholesterol. It's better to avoid it to keep our body in good health:
  1. Yellow eggs (chicken, duck, quail). Part yolks contain very high cholesterol levels. At normal size, an egg yolk contains 213 mg of cholesterol.
  2. Fast food (1 burger cheese contains 175 mg of cholesterol). This does not include if you add French fries, fried chicken, or donuts.
  3. Macaroni cheese. The food is not very common in Indonesia. But if you take it, remember that one serving contains cholesterol alone is high enough.
  4. Ice cream. Fat content in ice cream higher than hamburgers and donuts.
  5. Beef ribs. The fat in beef ribs are very high. Moreover, if the processing is added coconut milk. You have to limit their consumption.
  6. Mufin. Eggs, margarine and sugar composition mufin maker which makes high cholesterol.
  7. Seafood. Its kind of high LDL is squid, lobster, shrimp, crab, and scallops.
  8. Fried chicken. Oil for frying that makes fried chicken have cholesterol levels high enough.
  9. Beef liver. Especially in the processing uses a lot of coconut milk. 3 ounces of beef liver contains 331 mg of cholesterol.
  10. Snack manufacturers that contain trans fats, such as potato chips, kukis, and krakers.
Hope that the information above is usefull for others...

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