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Slimming Drugs and It's Terrible Dangers

  Lets check The Terrible Dangers of Slimming Drugs out...

 Most of those who want to slim down and then uses drugs made from chemical to lose weight quickly. For them, being slim is set in stone, so it does not matter anymore to the dangers of slimming drugs. Though the use of chemicals for slimming body give some adverse health risks.

 Here are some of them:

 Slimming drugs consumed by a person, especially a guaranteed slimmer in quick time, will lead to premature menopause in women. Early menopause is obviously very dangerous. Health risks will increase when women experience premature menopause. Threatening diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular disorders. In addition, premature menopause will also cause several diseases such as cervical and colon cancer, gum disease, osteoporosis, cataracts, and loss of teeth. Reduction of the hormone estrogen in a woman's body must have been the cause of the disease.

 In recent years, some communities in Indonesia was convinced that the pills / herbal slimming tablets are safer, because the content of crude drugs derived from nature. In fact some slimming drugs withdrawn from the market because of similar proven to contain harmful chemical compounds, such as aristolochic acid. This compound is harmful to the kidneys.

 In the market, the types of slimming drugs commonly sold include the first class of compounds derived from amphetamine which decreases appetite, thyroid hormone preparations burn excess energy, or also a diuretic, which is to lose weight by reducing the volume of fluid in the body. All slimming drugs can have negative effects on organ function and metabolism when not used as prescribed. In individuals with normal renal function, the effects of weight loss ranging from 3-4 kg reasonable.

 Some medications are often misused as a slimming, among other laxatives and diuretics. Though they do not lose weight permanently. The effect of weight loss caused by the volume / weight of cells shrink due to fluid expelled. If excessive, dehydration can occur. Given the chemical drugs work in the kidney and liver (liver), this can result in kidney failure or liver inflammation (hepatitis).

 Other side effects of the slimming drug are headache, abdominal pain, chest pain, flushing, hormonal disorders, liver damage, impaired gastric or peptic ulcers, impaired growth, which can lead to shock and death.

 Other harmful content is no less terrible than sibutramine slimming drug. Sibutramine is a diet helper work by regulating chemicals in the appetite center in the brain to cause a decrease in hunger or food craving while. Sibutramine side effects can damage the heart and kidneys, if you are taking drugs and having HAUS slimming, drastically reduced appetite, palpitations palpitations, sweating, you can bet it's because of the effects of sibutramine.

 The safest way to lose weight is to exercise and diet. Smart Detox is NOT a slimming drug, Smart Detox is a method of healthy living by using the 2-3-2 pattern (2 days reduces the size of the meal and the 3 day detox). Easily done by anyone, male-female, old or young to guarantee 100% results. Safe run for ulcer sufferers. Detox (detoxification) believed from time immemorial as a powerful method that has been proven to get rid of toxins in the body that cause all sorts of diseases and metabolic disturbance resulting in weight obesity / overweight. Function of Smart Detox is for health, that is by clearing dangerous toxins in the body and normalize metabolism. So slimming drug dangers at all you will not find in the Smart package Detox.

 The following drugs are misused as a diet drug include:

 1. Ephedra
 Due to the harmful effects of ephedra, the attention the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been drawn to the potential dangers posed by over counter diet pills. Ephedra is known to induce increased heart rate and palpitations, make you prone to developing heart attacks or strokes.

 2. Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)
 PPA is better known as an ingredient in cold, cough and antiallergy drugs. As a diet pill, an appetite suppressant PPA. This increases the risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

 3. Phenytoin
 Although initially anticonvulsion drug, phenytoin have an appetite suppressant effect. However, phenytoin is found in higher doses in the diet pill, and may trigger an allergic reaction (rash) and cause constipation, slurred speech, headache, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, tremor, motor disturbances, swollen lymph nodes and jaundice.

 4. Sibutramine
 Touted to be a safer alternative to ephedra, sibutramine has been found to lead to an even wider range of side effects, including gastrointestinal problems (abdominal pain, nausea, hyperacidity, indigestion, constipation, increased appetite), respiratory symptoms (nasal and sinus inflammation , exacerbation of cough, sore throat, dry mouth), skin symptoms (rash), neurological symptoms (dizziness, headache, depression, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia) and dysmenorrhea. Such as ephedra, it also causes high blood pressure, heart palpitations and tachycardia, increased risk of heart attack or stroke. It also leads to epileptic seizures.

 5. Rimonabant
 Developed in Europe, rimonabant is not approved by the FDA. Act on the brain, thereby increasing the risk of depression and suicidal ideation.

 6. Guar Gum
 Guar gum swelling in the digestive tract creating a false sensation of fullness. However, this swelling increases the risk of blockage in the throat and stomach.

 7. Bitter Orange
 Such as ephedra, bitter orange induce tachycardia and palpitations, increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Bitter orange can also cause seizures.

 8. Fenproporex
 A type of stimulant, Fenproporex has been found to be converted into amphetamine in the body. It may cause chest pain, headache and insomnia. Other side effects include drowsiness and suicidal thoughts.

 9. Phenolphthalein
 Appetite suppressants, phenolphthalein is a known carcinogen. This increases the risk of tumor growth.

 Weight loss is the action due to its diuretic effect. However, bumetanide induces rapid heart rate and increased risk of stroke or heart attack.

 11. Grapefruit Extract
 Grapefruit extract in diet pills have been known to cause dangerous interactions with medicines such as astemizole, atorvastatin and sildenafil. Some of the main side effects include high blood pressure, seizures, diarrhea and kidney problems.

 Slimming drug dangers
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