Tuesday, 8 July 2014


1. When you eat spicy, spicy feel once? Put salt in the mouth, hold for a while continue to waste and rinse. So spicy taste disappear.

2. Teeth you yellow? Chewing peanuts and hold briefly, continue to brush your teeth for 3 minutes, you will see the impact.

3. If there are minor cuts, burns or injury by water or hot oil, rub with toothpaste, immediately stop the bleeding and pain subside.

4. Former tea in glass that is difficult missing? Wipe with a moment let the toothpaste, brush and rinse.

5. Eyes intruding dust? Close your eyes and coughs strongly, the dust will come out naturally.

6. After washing the face, fingers pasted fine salt, continue slowly pijati both sides of the nose, then the blackheads and black dirt in the pores will disappear, and the pores will shrink.

7. If you've just bitten by a mosquito, immediately rub with soap, itching will disappear. To get rid of scars, apply eucalyptus oil or Minya Telon.

8. Currently sore throat, inflammation of the gums. At night eat watermelon cut into small pieces with a little salt, at that time things will improve and the next day can be said to have been cured.

9. Wear a hair dryer to blow the tanker removable sticker label, adhesive sticker when already hot, it will be easily removed.

10. Exhausted as saltpeter does not stop-stop as well? Drink a little vinegar, will immediately disappear sendawanya.

11. If smelling foods such as garlic, banana etc., eat some fried peas. The smell will soon disappear.

12. To cure a cough, especially a dry cough. The night before sleep, fried eggs with sesame oil rather banyakan, does not need addition of other materials, while hot meal, eat a few days, will be immediately visible effect

13. how to repel ants
the scent of cinnamon can be used to repel ants: cinnamon puree, spread it to the desired place.

14. ward off insects
prepare a used spray bottle, garlic + water. soften garlic, mixed with water, the input to the bottle, then spray into the place you want.

15. overcome brittle nails
mix 2 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons kasturi oil, 1 teaspoon of wheat germ oil extract. stir + input to the bottle. rub a drop of nail surface, let the 3-5mn, wipe with a tissue, and soak the finger in warm water.

16. boil an egg

remedy produces eggs boiled eggs nice and smooth a surface by means of, first soak the eggs in cold water, or rub the egg shells with a damp cloth. when a boiled egg will crack, rub lemon slices on egg shells retak.cara that this will make the egg whites will not leak out when you boil it.

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